AUTO AVEON RENTALS offers the right solution to support the company's core business and has many advantages in the Financial and Non Financial aspects so that they can achieve optimal performance.

Financial Benefits :

  1. The Company will have fresh funds (Cash in), large enough not to make a purchase/ investment on vehicles section.
  2. Cash ins can be allocated to improve and strengthen its working capital.
  3. Preparation of Cash Flow / Budgeting becomes easy and allocated, because there are no hidden cost / unpredictable cost.
  4. The Company gains advantage from taxation aspects, because the rental value is categorized as a cost that is not taxed.
  5. Freed from the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement vehicles.
  6. The Company does not bear the risk / cost of depreciation.

Non Financial Benefits

  1. Ease of care of the vehicle is technically and administratively, because the problem of maintenance, repair, replacement vehicles, insurance, vehicle registration renewal, and the others becomes our responsibility.
  2.  If the vehicle is damaged, we have prepared a replacement vehicle (replacement car), so that mobility and activities of the company will not be disturbed.
  3. An extensive network of service station in almost all major cities in Indonesia.
  4. Driver management problems (if the driver follows the vehicle rental)
  5. There are many choices of vehicles (new / used, cars / transport, short term / long term, with / without driver).
  6. Excellent vehicle condition and ready to use.